Community Reentry Program

Why is there a need for a community reentry program like The Rock Found? Did you know that over 70% of prisoners that are released end up being re-incarcerated within 5 years? Why does this happen?

Well, to really understand what’s going on you have to look at the reason that someone commits a crime. Most crimes aren’t committed of want, but out of need. The lack of food, the necessity for money and other basic necessities.

Another strong influence is poor friendships, that can lead someone down a path, that takes them to commit a crime. So how can you expect to incarcerate someone and then release them back into the same environment and not expect them to go back to the same life that they had?

That’s where we come in with a community reentry program. Continue reading to learn more about community reentry and The Rock Found.

Community Reentry Program

You see it can be extremely difficult to leave a life behind. Especially when that’s the only thing you know how to do. So we here at The Rock Found decided to step up and do something to help.

We offer a community reentry program. We work with prisoners who are willing to submit themselves into the program and change their lives. The program consists of training and coaching to help that person re-enter society.

For example, The Rock Found partners with CSK’s Grill and Raised In A Barn Furniture to teach practical skills that can be used to find a job. Also, we assist with finding housing, assistance with getting a GED or becoming industry certified. Now, why do we do what we do?

Well, it works like this. We believe that by giving someone all of the tools they need to change their lives, you put the decision in their hands. It makes it easy for them to see that changing is now their choice.

By assisting them in finding housing we can remove them from their previous environment, by getting them a job and all the credentials to get a job you take away the need to commit crime because of money. By arming them with just a few tools, you can change a life forever.

The Rock Found

If you believe in our community reentry program and our prison ministry then we would really appreciate your support! You see there are two ways that you can help support our foundation. The first is you can visit our Donate Now Page and donate.

Secondly, you can support our partners. CSK’s grill is a great local food truck with some incredible BBQ, and Raised In A Barn Furniture creates beautiful furniture using only rustic reclaimed barnwood. Click on each company’s name below to learn more.