1. Programs For Prisoners After Release

    People make mistakes. That is a simple fact of life. When paying for those mistakes entails spending time in incarceration, it’s crucial to find support once released. Programs for prisoners after release that offer community reentry services for help finding jobs, housing, and mentorship help to …Read More

  2. Community Re-entry

    Serving time and leaving incarceration are not easy feats, which is something reflected by the alarmingly high recidivism rate around the country. Community re-entry programs in Colorado offer help for prisoners after release to ensure that everyone has the support they deserve. The Rock Found is on…Read More

  3. Reentry Programs 2018

    Helping people out is ingrained in human nature. Compassion. Mercy. Grace. Love. All of these things are synonymous with good morals and upstanding people. They are also actions that keep communities together and make nations stronger. No one should ever be left behind, especially when he is reachin…Read More

  4. 2018 Reentry Programs

    With a new year comes a new wave of resolutions. People often see the New Year as a perfect opportunity to wipe the pallet of life clean. With a newfound hope and clean slate, many individuals who have finished paying their dues for past mistakes are ready to move forward. One helpful option recomme…Read More

  5. Reentry Housing Programs

    The need for reentry housing programs is as great now as ever. According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, there were as many as 2.3 million people incarcerated in 2016, and the trend seems to only be increasing with each year. The Rock Found believes this is unacceptable. Once people pay thei…Read More

  6. Offender Reentry Program

    Integrating back into modern society is never an easy venture for individuals. Technology and social nuances continue to change at faster rates than ever and the culture shock alone can be an overwhelming experience. These are only some of the issues we try to address and help individuals with at Th…Read More

  7. Successful Reentry Programs

    Successful reentry programs are an instrumental part of helping individuals with a troubled past become successful and productive members of society again. Regardless of an individual’s past, there is no reason any single person should be dismissed if he has done his due diligence in serving time …Read More

  8. Inmate Release Programs

    The Rock Found is one of the few successful inmate release programs for individuals recently released from incarceration. We apply our services for people that need help and are looking for a way to be reintegrated into their community. Our faith is what keeps us inspired to provide this necessary s…Read More

  9. Inmate Reentry Programs

    Second chances can be hard to come by. This world can be extremely unforgiving for anyone that makes even a simple mistake, much less a major one. This unfortunate reality stands especially true for anyone convicted of a major crime. Felons that are making an attempt to find themselves a way back in…Read More

  10. Ex Offender Housing Programs

    At that very instance when any ex-offender gets off the bus in your surrounding area and community, a daunting task is directly staring them down – where can I find the safest place to stay that night. The Rock Found offers Ex Offender Housing Programs that are compassionate and actually work. Whe…Read More