Reentry Programs for Prisoners

The Rock Found provides caring and involved reentry programs for prisoners that help rehabilitate our clients while providing valuable job and housing opportunities. Upon release, many ex-offenders that have faced incarceration for multiple years of their lives are left to deal with the challenge of reestablishing themselves with very limited resources.

Most of these individuals have been waiting for a second chance and want to reestablish themselves with a home and employment, but aren’t sure where to begin. This isn’t necessarily the fault of these individuals; in most cases when they are released all that they are given are the clothes they’re wearing, a state-line bus ticket, and around $200 at most (in some cases as little as $10).

Our aim is to help ex-offenders find a stable place in their community where they can lead healthy, happier lives while being a productive addition to wherever they reside. Some of the community reentry services The Rock Found offers individuals include:

  • Prison Ministries
  • Mentorship
  • Job Training
  • Individual Goal Setting
  • Transitional Housing
  • Prosocial Skill Development

The Rock Found was created with intentions in helping reduce the risk of recidivism for newly released parolees and ex-offenders. We have developed fully encompassing reentry programs for prisoners that help these individuals get back on their feet and keep them away from criminal activity.

The Rock Found is a faith-based organization located in Greeley Colorado offering various community reentry resources for the individuals we assist. We provide mentorship for all of the ex-offenders that get involved in our reentry programs for prisoners.

The Rock Found wants to be a source of solace and assistance for those who feel like they have lost or are losing hope for a better a life. Our organization believes in standing by those who need our help and that anyone who truly wants a second chance to do better deserves the opportunity to do so.

Mentorship is offered through community volunteers, peers who have been involved in the program before incoming members, as well as our personal team who helped develop our reentry programs for prisoners.

The Rock Found can get involved with our clients’ case managers, and pre-release group in order to develop a well-founded parole and treatment plan to provide housing, work, and support immediately upon release.

Housing is one of the biggest areas of concern for ex-offenders who aren’t sure where to turn. Our reentry programs for prisoners help provide transitional housing for ex-convicts. Proper housing is a critical component of reducing homelessness and mitigating recidivism from occurring.

Statistics and research have demonstrated that individuals who cannot find stable housing in their community within a reasonable amount of time following release are much more likely to turn back to crime out of desperation.

The Rock Found wants to eliminate the trepidation and anxiety present in individuals that are attempting to reintegrate into everyday life. We believe that well-planned reentry programs are a viable solution to helping solve the various problems that ex-offenders face upon release.

Contact The Rock Found today to have any questions about our reentry programs for prisoners answered. Together we can make a change for a better tomorrow.