Community Reentry Services

Through a compassionate and comprehensive approach, community reentry services strengthen the bonds of the community by helping those most in need in our society. By supporting those who have paid their dues to society, community reentry programs help change the lives of individuals recently released from incarceration.

The Rock Found is a faith-based part of a network of community reentry programs which help to connect individuals with services and programs that can help them continue the journey to a better life. Community entry services help improve communities throughout our country by helping reduce alarming recidivism rates.

Continue reading below to learn more about our available community reentry services. Be sure to also visit our website by following the link: The Rock Found.

Community Entry Programs And Services We Provide

We understand that the road to change one’s life takes more than mere will but also requires a comprehensive, compassionate, and dedicated support network. At The Rock Found, we believe in restorative justice. Most individuals who have recently been released from incarceration have nowhere to turn, are emotionally vulnerable, and lack the skills to change their life.

By focusing on these issues, we are able to provide an opportunity for the most vulnerable in our Colorado communities to change and improve their future for the better. We are one of the leading provider of community entry services in the state and provide our members with supportive programs.

Assistance Finding Employment: The dignity of work can help anyone establish self-confidence and stability in their life. We provide members with guided assistance and counseling in finding meaningful and rewarding employment.

Assistance In Finding Safe Housing: The Rock Found works with members to find safe housing ensuring that those most vulnerable avoid returning to the streets. Safe housing can provide peace-of-mind and stability for recently released individuals.

Provide Vocational Skills: Many of our members require education in work skills to find meaningful employment. At The Rock Found, we connect our members with vocational programs that teach lasting skills.

Support Groups: Reentering society requires more than just work skills and steady employment. No one should do this alone. Because of this, we connect our members with support groups like the Peer Mentorship Program that connects them with compassionate people dedicated to changing every life for the better.

Family And Individual Therapy Services: Consistent therapy, whether for an individual member or family, can provide resolution to deeply complex emotional and psychological trauma. Our therapy services are a safe environment for members to heal emotionally and mentally.

Introduction To Faith Based-Teachings And Greeley Ministries: Unlike other community entry services, we are deeply rooted in our Christian faith and believe in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those most vulnerable. We introduce members to faith-based teachings that can provide spiritual support in the hardest of times.

At The Rock Found, we believe no one should ever be left behind and by using our spiritual principles we encourage our members to rebuild their self-confidence, self-worth, and dignity. Contact us today to speak with a friendly staff member and start the journey to a better future.