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What a day for a ride! Check out our latest video featuring The Rock Found's first lady in the Women's Sober Living House, Goldie. This fun run went from Greeley to Estes Park with participants from all of the NA's in Northern Colorado joining in.along the way.

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Check out our newest YouTube Video! Listen as three participants share their testimonies of hope from real life experiences in our program. with local teenagers at the Greeley Alternative Program's students in Greeley, Colorado.

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Check out this great video from the Latino Coalition for Community Leadership in honor of Second Chance Month and the people making a difference featuring our own Amanda from The Rock Found right here in Greeley, Colorado!

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Many of you may have noticed that our Facebook Page was hacked in November of 2023. After several attempts to retrieve the page from META (Facebook) we decided to create a new page. Please "Like" us by clicking here and stay tuned to receive information on our latest social updates and happenings.


This group will meet the second Wednesday of each month to get to know each other and partner together to serve justice involved individuals with housing and resources. If you or someone you know would like to join us, reach out to


Successful reentry programs are an instrumental part of helping individuals with a troubled past become successful and productive members of society again. Regardless of an individual’s past, there is no reason any single person should be dismissed if he has done his due diligence in serving time for punishment. Our belief at The Rock Found is that nobody should be forgotten or left behind.

Following release, the first step advised to individuals coming out of incarceration is to seek out successful reentry programs. The Rock Found is one of the few successful reentry programs found in the Colorado area. We are a faith-based nonprofit 501(c)3 that partners with other successful reentry programs in order to bring important help to people. All of our services focus on benefitting these individuals in their everyday life and to help them grow spiritually.

We understand it takes more than instruction to be known as one of the successful reentry programs. That is why The Rock Found provides a myriad of therapeutic services for the betterment of our clients’ lives. Our...


The need for reentry housing programs is as great now as ever. According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, there were as many as 2.3 million people incarcerated in 2016, and the trend seems to only be increasing with each year. The Rock Found believes this is unacceptable. Once people pay their penance there should be nothing but support and encouragement to move forward and avoid any activities that result in trouble. But it takes a community to help inspire growth. And it takes faith to truly enact change. These are ideas we firmly stand behind at The Rock Found, and we will continue to act in a supportive role for anyone that comes to us looking for help. To find out more about who we are and what sets us apart from other reentry housing programs visit our website at the link provided here: The Rock Found.

The Rock Found is one of the few successful reentry housing programs that put the well-being and future of our clients first. We are a faith-based nonprofit 501(c)3 that looks to serve our community and put our faith in action. The notion of helping people in...


Winning the hearts, minds, and loyalty of their children

As we close out the 2023 year I'm inviting you to join me for my last POM Training.

Normally, I prefer to travel in person to the site for the three-day training. However, I decided for this last training to open it up in an effort to reach more and train more POM Mentors.

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The Need For More Parent Mentors Remains Urgent!

We are at an historic time in our nation for a variety of issues: Rising prices, open border and mass immigration, looting, crime and violence in broad daylight, not to mention war in the Ukraine and Israel, etc. All important issues. Nevertheless, I still contend that the health and strength of families continues to be of the utmost importance as it relates to long-term solutions to the ills of modern society.

Most recently I have been focused on the...

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The Rock Found is a 501(c)(3) that provides assistance for offenders transitioning back into society. They work one-on-one with their clients, and assist them with everything from housing and food, to developing a resumé and preparing for job interviews.

The Rock Found offers self-developmental programs throughout the week for these men and women: programs which assist them in getting to know themselves, and better understanding how it is they interact with others—also, how to be better men and women, objectively. How to be more virtuous, and develop a worldview & self-image that both supports and thrives upon that progress in virtue.

Working with transitioning offenders can be daunting, but that's mostly just because of the hype. Besides, it's in everyone's best interest: the only alternative to helping these men and women successfully reintegrate into the community, is to keep them locked away forever—and nobody wins in that scenario. To that extent, the Rock Found is always looking to broaden their support network by partnering with individuals and...


Through a compassionate and comprehensive approach, community reentry services strengthen the bonds of the community by helping those most in need in our society. By supporting those who have paid their dues to society, community reentry programs help change the lives of individuals recently released from incarceration.

The Rock Found is a faith-based part of a network of community reentry programs which help to connect individuals with services and programs that can help them continue the journey to a better life. Community entry services help improve communities throughout our country by helping reduce alarming recidivism rates.

Continue reading below to learn more about our available community reentry services. Be sure to also visit our website by following the link: The Rock Found.

Community Entry Programs And Services We Provide

We understand that the road to change one’s life takes more than mere will but also requires a comprehensive, compassionate,...

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Thank you for making women’s lives better in Weld County!

The Rock Found would like to acknowledge a respected Foundation in the Greeley community that chose our program to receive a grant specifically to help women. We are grateful to announce our acceptance of a $4,000 grant from:

“The Women’s Fund of Weld County, Inc. a component fund of the Weld Community Foundation.” Who are;” Funding and finding ways for women and girls to become self-confident, independent, contributing members of the community.”

The purpose for the grant was to fund a project for the women coming out of prison, to address internal barriers getting and retaining employment.

The project is called: “Needs, Wants & Desires” it is an employment preparation re-entry curriculum for the women that will address the internal struggles that prevent them from being successful in obtaining and maintaining employment. The outcome has been that half of the projected number of women served have gone through the curriculum and obtained employment....


Our society has an unfortunate tendency of not forgetting people’s past. Too many people judge a book by it’s cover, many times not allowing people who made a mistake the ability to move on and fix their lives. The Rock Found offers this opportunity. We believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to become better. That’s why we offer help for individuals with addictions.

The Rock Found participates in local outreaches will other partners to offer assistance through programs and resources.

Prison is something that will change a person forever. In prison, you live a different life, a different culture. The laws are eat or be eaten, gain respect or be disrespected. In the outside world, culture is very different.

This transition can be extremely difficult and for some mentally scarring. Many released prisoners have had to seek psychological attention in order to be able to get past the mental struggles that sometimes come with spending time in prison.

The vast majority of people who go to prison and are released end up back in prison. This is not...

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The Rock Found partners with the Division of Adult Parole, ICCS and CDOC to assist individuals Integrating back into modern society is never an easy venture for individuals. Technology and social nuances continue to change at faster rates than ever and the culture shock alone can be an overwhelming experience. These are only some of the issues we try to address and help individuals with at The Rock Found. The Rock Found is an offender reentry program that helps individuals who have been recently released from incarceration. In order to remain a successful offender reentry program we work with other non-profit organizations to fulfill our vision of helping the community we love. The percentages surrounding individuals released from incarceration to succeed can be daunting, but we have made it our mission to be a beacon of hope that shines a light on forward progress. To find out more about who we are and what we do visit our website here: The Rock Found

The Rock Found is an offender reentry program that believes in supporting and mentoring individuals so that they can once...

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Second chances can be hard to come by. This world can be extremely unforgiving for anyone that makes even a simple mistake, much less a major one. This unfortunate reality stands especially true for anyone convicted of a major crime. Felons that are making an attempt to find themselves a way back into society do not usually experience an easy journey. This is why The Rock Found was developed. The Rock Found is one of Colorado’s inmate reentry programs.

We are a faith-based nonprofit that believes in giving individuals second chances and promoting spiritual values to improve an individual’s life and his community. Journeys of self-improvement and self-discovery do not have to be traversed alone, and inmate reentry programs like The Rock Found are the answer to the question “Where do I even start?”.

The Rock Found is a faith-based nonprofit 501(c)3 that works in hand with other community inmate reentry programs to benefit those recently released from incarceration. As with most inmate reentry programs, we offer a variety of services to benefit any individual that seeks...


People make mistakes. That is a simple fact of life. When paying for those mistakes entails spending time in incarceration, it’s crucial to find support once released. Programs for prisoners after release that offer community reentry services for help finding jobs, housing, and mentorship help to reduce the nationwide recidivism rate for these same individuals.

Whether it’s using resources to find jobs that hire felons, support group sessions, peer mentoring programs, or housing for ex-offenders; faith-based programs for prisoners after release are on the forefront of this venture and ready to help anyone in need. Situated amongst the most successful community reentry programs in Colorado is a faith-based program keen to provide a second chance to anyone who reaches out their hand. When it’s Colorado programs for prisoners after release you need, consider The Rock Found ready and waiting.

Colorado Reentry & Reintegration Resources

The passionate team of caring individuals that makes up The Rock Found has one goal in mind – make sure no man gets left behind....


The Rock Found along with our partner Room 4 Hope collects hats, coats, scarves and gloves annually to support our annual coat drive at our Greeley halfway house, ICCS. All left over items will be distributed to local organizations that support the homeless and other ministries looking for these items during the winter months.


March 27, 2023

The Rock Found 1542 7th Ave. Greeley, CO 80631

Dear Rock Found,

I hope this reeches you well and in high spirits. I am currently incarcerated at Sterling Correctional Facility, on my 11th calendar, and have felt like this year has been the first year I truly felt incarcerated. I know right? It's only the third month. The reason I am writing is not to complain about my situation, but to thank you for the work you do and to hopefully convey my gratitude for one of your re-entry navigators, Amanda Lucas.

Okay, a brief background on where I came from over these eleven years. There is no way around the fact that I committed my crime and it was while high. I have been sober since July 6, 2012. I committed a very heinous crime, also had a lot of violence in my history. While incarcerated I vowed sobriety and non-violence. I worked with every walk of life to better their circumstance and create space for incarcerated people to learn and value themselves. Most recently, I - with a team - created and ran the DOC inmate newspaper The Inside Report,...


It’s important to find reentry rehabilitation services that provide help for individuals after release from incarceration in order to successfully reintegrate into the community. Community reentry programs offering reentry rehabilitation services help to reduce recidivism rates and give people their lives back.

Whether it was drug-related actions or other activities that result in incarceration, these individuals require much-needed assistance. From therapy exercises to transitional housing and employment opportunities, reentry rehabilitation services are helping to change lives each and every day.

The Rock Found is a Colorado community reentry program that offers reentry rehabilitation services to our members. Our mission is to help support all of our members so that they can become a positive and constructive member of their community once again.

Many of our members have lived with the destructive impact caused by drug addiction, a disease responsible for causing endless pain and destruction. We offer them a variety of reentry rehabilitation services in order...


Soul Care explores seven principles that can lead to lasting transformation and freedom for all who struggle with a broken, damaged, and sin-stained soul.

The Rock Found offers clients the opportunity to do Soul Care as part of their restoration.

Brokenness grasps for the soul of humanity. We are broken body, soul, and spirit, and we need the healing touch of Jesus. Soul Care explores seven principles that are profound healing tools of God: securing your identity, repentance, breaking family sin patterns, forgiving others, healing wounds, overcoming fears, and deliverance.

Soul Care challenges you to engage in an interactive, roll-up-your-sleeves and get messy process -- a journey of self-reflection, Holy Spirit inspiration, deep wrestling, and surrender. It is a process of discovering yourself in true community and discovering God as He pierces through the layers of your heart.

Life change is hard. But these principles, when packaged together...


A community reentry program in Colorado is fighting every day to help lower the nationwide recidivism rate by giving opportunities to individuals that need support the most. The Rock Found, a Colorado faith-based male community reentry program that works, provides necessary community reentry resources that enrich the lives of its members so that they may lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

The Rock Found has been giving employment opportunities and other forms of help for prisoners after release ever since its founders decided they needed to do more to help strengthen their local community. The members of our male community reentry program receive a variety of different reentry services that tackle the most difficult aspects of community reintegration.

Consider this – who hires felons after they are released from prison? Who gives work to ex-offenders after they have served their time and proven they are prepared to live a life worthy of freedom from prison bars?

These are difficult situations that most people, unfortunately, are too uncomfortable to handle...


Everyone makes mistakes throughout life. Fortunately, there are programs for released inmates that can ensure those mistakes do not come to define you after you have served your time to society.

It is important for you to find the right community reentry programs that offer services to get you back on your feet again. Whether the crime was drug-related or some other offense reentry rehabilitation services help to improve not only individual lives but the life of the community as a whole.

The Rock Found is one such reentry rehabilitation service that provides programs for released inmates. These programs provide you with an opportunity to find meaningful employment, safe housing, and fulfilling therapy exercises that can help change your life for the better.

We are a Colorado-based reentry rehabilitation community that offers a vast number of in-depth services and create an environment for recently released individuals to positively thrive. Our commitment to supporting our members has made a lasting impact on our local...


Recidivism programs are committed to providing help for prisoners after release in various forms of community reentry services. Compassion and forgiveness are at the heart of most recidivism programs, including faith-based organizations who offer the support these individuals need after being released from incarceration.

Whether that need is transitional housing for ex-prisoners, finding work for felons, or offering therapeutic guidance for ex-offenders, community reentry programs are doing their part to help lower the recidivism rate both in their states and nationwide. Recidivism programs believe mistakes people make should not condemn them from society.

It takes time and encouragement to have the chance to rebuild and restore their lives once they’ve completed their time in incarceration. Providing this in a compassionate and supportive manner is what community reentry programs are all about.

Find Recidivism Programs With Reentry Resources

The first thing someone must do to get help from recidivism programs is to find reentry resources in their local...


Prison reentry programs are an essential component in the rehabilitation of many recently released inmates. The Rock Found aim is to help the rate in which recidivism occurs within the United States.

Our team at The Rock Found has worked diligently in order to help create and offer individuals the tools necessary to help them successfully fall back into the normalities of everyday life. The truth of the matter is that approximately seventy percent of individuals who faced incarceration will find themselves behind bars again within five years of their release date.

Most criminal activity is recorded to be done under circumstances of desperation rather than desire. Many of the individuals who choose to commit crimes such as theft do so because of lack of food or money to pay for their basic necessities.

Once these individuals have been arrested it can become increasingly difficult for them to land a stable job or plan of action without falling back into negative habits. Some of the resources that we offer through our prison reentry programs at The Rock Found...


The process of being incarcerated is difficult and leaving prison can be just as trying, particularly for any inmate or ex-offender with a record. Coming out of incarceration as a Felon after serving a lengthy sentence has many hard obstacles that must be overcome. Two of the most glaring situations that must be addressed is Housing & Work. Here at The Rock Found we offer Transitional Housing Programs and work opportunities for those coming out of prison. Reentry Programs extend a helping hand for ex-offenders and also has many benefits for the community as well.

One of our main goals at The Rock Found is assist with lowering recidivism for all ex-offenders and felons no matter their creed, sex, race or affiliations. Most felons and ex-offenders are almost guaranteed to encounter many different difficulties after their sentence is served. Each and every situation is uniquely different and challenging while the areas we provide comfort in are the hardest to achieve. Achieving a stable environment for housing and employment will promote a better person and community as a...


Join us for an action packed evening of great music, food, fun, and a live auction to usher in the holiday gift giving season! Click here for more information!


Serving time and leaving incarceration are not easy feats, which is something reflected by the alarmingly high recidivism rate around the country. Community re-entry programs in Colorado offer help for prisoners after release to ensure that everyone has the support they deserve.

The Rock Found is one part of the most successful network of community reentry programs in Colorado. Our shared mission is to provide each of our members with help to find gainful employment, secure transitional housing, and reintegrate back into their local community.

Keep reading to find out more about the community reentry services we provide our members with ourselves or with the help of the Colorado reentry programs we partner with. If you wish to learn more about our successful efforts, contact our team today.

Community Re-entry Services

Whether it’s providing skills training and employment opportunities or finding housing for felons and ex-offenders, people that are recently released from incarceration deserve to be given a fair chance at restoring their lives. Community...


While each of the WAGEES partners are unique our focus is supporting those struggling with the aftermath of incarceration, addiction, and or homelessness. From finding a job and housing to mentorship and guidance these programs help reduce recidivism rates in Colorado. Faith-based programs, in particular, have provided hope and the opportunity for a better life.

At the forefront of these faith-based programs is a successful community reentry program in Colorado. The Rock Found is composed of a passionate group of individuals whose goal is to ensure that no one is left behind.

Support In Unsure Times

The time immediately following release from incarceration can be a frightening and unsure one. Without the proper support, the recently released could fall through the cracks and become reincarcerated.

At The Rock Found, we utilize a variety of community reentry and reintegration resources that help every one of our members grow as individuals. Our faith-based approach uses a different variety of programs that support recently released individual achieve their...


There is no denying the difficulty an inmate has when integrating back into society. The culture shock alone can be overwhelming, only more difficult the longer someone remains incarcerated. Whether the inmate is released on parole or once again free from the legal system, seeking out work is one of the first goals upon release. The Rock Found is one of the few faith-based prison release programs that has successfully learned to combine a new purpose in life while assimilating its members back into the modern world.

Understanding the unbelievably high percentage of prisoners that find themselves back in incarceration, we attempt to show those that seek us out a better way to live than the one that brought on these consequences. Through partnerships with parole offices and businesses, The Rock Found can coordinate a personalized plan to meet the ongoing needs of inmates looking into prison release programs.

The Rock Found is nonprofit faith-based 501(c)3. With an ongoing partnership with The Latino Coalition for Community Leadership (LCCL) we are both proud to serve...


At that very instance when any ex-offender gets off the bus in your surrounding area and community, a daunting task is directly staring them down – where can I find the safest place to stay that night. The Rock Found offers Ex Offender Housing Programs that are compassionate and actually work.

When it comes to a majority of ex offenders, many of them won’t have a family awaiting their arrival. In most instances, families and close friends might have passed away, relocated, or plain and simple made it absolutely clear the ex-offender is not going to be welcome. Also can be legal reasons associated with why the ex-offend cannot go home. Ex Offender Housing Programs are available no matter your race, creed or affiliations.

The end result that we see at The Rock Found is that ex offenders will often times end up in homeless shelters or camps. These types of situations are far better than sleeping on the streets or outdoors, the only caveat is that the beds and sleeping arrangements are generally available at nighttime only. When the daytime comes around the shelter...


Why is there a need for a community reentry program like The Rock Found? Did you know that over 70% of prisoners that are released end up being re-incarcerated within 5 years? Why does this happen?

Well, to really understand what’s going on you have to look at the reason that someone commits a crime. Most crimes aren’t committed of want, but out of need. The lack of food, the necessity for money and other basic necessities.

Another strong influence is poor friendships, that can lead someone down a path, that takes them to commit a crime. So how can you expect to incarcerate someone and then release them back into the same environment and not expect them to go back to the same life that they had?

That’s where we come in with a community reentry program. Continue reading to learn more about community reentry and The Rock Found.

Community Reentry Program

You see it can be extremely difficult to leave a life behind. Especially when that’s the only thing you know how to do. So we here at The Rock Found decided to step up and do something to help.



The Rock Found is a faith-based and non-profit organization in Greeley Colorado offering caring and effective prisoner reintegration programs. The time right after incarceration can be one of the most difficult points for individuals attempting to normalize and get back into the swing of everyday life.

The objective of The Rock Found is to assist recently released inmates in finding employment, securing immediate housing, and general mentoring for these individuals. Our efforts are focused on the betterment of our community through the aid of individuals who want to be a positive contribution but are in need of a helping hand.

Our prisoner reintegration programs help recently released individuals obtain jobs and remain active in the workforce. Securing employment allows individuals to begin helping their families financially once more.

This helps promote and support repose and higher self-esteem as well as closer and more positive family relationships. All these factors are important to the improved mental health of individuals and to encourage them to continue...


The Rock Found offers professionally organized re-entry programs for released prisoners in Greeley Colorado. We work to simplify the process of re-establishment as much as possible for ex-offenders.

At the Rock Found, we believe in extending a helping hand to those that are seeking out assistance. When an individual is seeking out resources for self-improvement it can be much more motivating to follow through with those efforts if they feel a solid support system behind them.

The Rock Found attempts to provide all the necessary tools and resources to minimize the chance of recidivism. We offer re-entry programs for released prisoners that actually work. At the Rock Found, you will receive community and peer mentorship, skill assessment and development, employment opportunity assistance, transitional housing, and much more.

We are a faith-based non-profit organization offering well-organized and highly effective programs for released prisoners. Our team believes in the idea of giving back to the community that you reside in the best way you can.

At the Rock...


The Rock Found is a non-profit and faith-based organization launched by Cheryl Cook. The company works in partnership with the Latino Coalition for community leadership. The Rock Found serves to provide reentry programs for ex offenders in an organized effort to reduce the amount of recidivism that occurs.

Our organization is based in Greeley Colorado. Our company was based on the foundation of lending a helping hand. We are devoted to giving back to our community through our professional and effective reentry programs for ex offenders.

The truth of the matter is that the United States has a major problem of recidivism that needs to be taken care of in a systematic and strategic manner in order to reach a stable resolution. The Rock Found was developed to help recently released prisoners find transitional housing, secure employment, and reach ample rehabilitation through our reentry programs for ex offenders.

Our empathetic team at The Rock Found offers the ex-offenders that we work with community and peer mentorship. We understand that mentorship helps to play...


Transitional Housing for Ex Offenders and Prisoner Reentry Programs by the Rock Found were developed to help those in need gain a stable environment. Having a viable housing arrangement along with learning dependable skillsets that will provide stability for the long-term situation. The Rock Found Transitional Housing and Prisoner Reentry Programs are long-term solutions that have been proven to reduce recidivism while protecting the community.

The Rock Found is a faith-based nonprofit which provides Prison Ministry & Prisoner Reentry Programs that actually WORK. We have partnered and developed a close relationship with Raised In A Barn Furniture & CSK’s Grill. Our main goal is the support of individual persons with the necessary skills to gain immediate financial standing and well-being that will help them prosper in life.

Services include help in finding employment, finding housing, assistance with achieving a GED or industry-recognized credentials and increasing the rate at which participants enter post-secondary education and training. We also provide...


The Rock Found is one of the few successful inmate release programs for individuals recently released from incarceration. We apply our services for people that need help and are looking for a way to be reintegrated into their community.

Our faith is what keeps us inspired to provide this necessary service for people that have experienced unfortunate circumstances and keeps us in focus with our mission to help those in need. Through a variety of different services we thoroughly provide those that have been recently released from incarceration the ability to lead a normal life and become the person they always envisioned themselves to be.

The Rock Found is one of the only faith-based nonprofit inmate release programs located in Colorado. We focus on helping individuals getting out of prison settings to rebuild their life with a variety of services.

Through direct communication with parole officers, case managers, legal teams, and families we provide housing, employment, and therapy assistance to those focused on rebuilding their lives. Our ability to incorporate...