Transitional Housing Programs

The process of being incarcerated is difficult and leaving prison can be just as trying, particularly for any inmate or ex-offender with a record. Coming out of incarceration as a Felon after serving a lengthy sentence has many hard obstacles that must be overcome. Two of the most glaring situations that must be addressed is Housing & Work. Here at The Rock Found we offer Transitional Housing Programs and work opportunities for those coming out of prison. Prisoner Reentry Programs extend a helping hand for ex-offenders and also has many benefits for the community as well.

One of our main goals at The Rock Found is assist with lowering recidivism for all ex-offenders and felons no matter their creed, sex, race or affiliations. Most felons and ex-offenders are almost guaranteed to encounter many different difficulties after their sentence is served. Each and every situation is uniquely different and challenging while the areas we provide comfort in are the hardest to achieve. Achieving a stable environment for housing and employment will promote a better person and community as a whole. Not having a solid foundation will cause other difficulties which in turn will lead to excess baggage and issues that will often create an environment where the ex-offender violates and gets into trouble again.

Having The Rock Found for transitional housing programs and prisoner reentry programs have proven to be one of the most successful methods for mitigating outside negative influence and noise. This successful method allows the prisoner to focus solely on the adjustment to life on the outside. The Rock Found transitional housing programs are designed to keep the ex-inmate on the straight and narrow.

The Rock Found Services include help in finding employment, transitional housing programs, educational assistance with achieving a GED or industry certifications and recognized credentials. This helps increase the rate at which each and every participant enters their post-secondary education and training. Programs are also available that will help build and increase prosocial skills while building their self-worth and esteem.

Our transitional housing programs and prisoner reentry programs permit the ex-inmate to befriend others in a similar situation. Offering a support system built with like individuals teaches them that they are not alone and promotes a team environment for working together. We encourage you to inquire and find out more about how we can help you or any loved one who must endure these trying times. Don’t go at it alone and we wish you best and hope you will find the right program and path to success.