Reentry Programs 

The Rock Found is a non-profit and faith-based organization launched by Cheryl Cook. The company works in partnership with the Latino Coalition for community leadership. The Rock Found serves to provide reentry programs for ex offenders in an organized effort to reduce the amount of recidivism that occurs.

Our organization is based in Greeley Colorado. Our company was based on the foundation of lending a helping hand. We are devoted to giving back to our community through our professional and effective reentry programs for ex offenders.

The truth of the matter is that the United States has a major problem of recidivism that needs to be taken care of in a systematic and strategic manner in order to reach a stable resolution. The Rock Found was developed to help recently released prisoners find transitional housing, secure employment, and reach ample rehabilitation through our reentry programs for ex offenders.

Our empathetic team at The Rock Found offers the ex-offenders that we work with community and peer mentorship. We understand that mentorship helps to play a major role in the ensuring that ex offenders don’t fall back into bad habits that will get them back behind bars.

Our aim is to help these individuals become the productive members of their community that we know they can be. We continuously strive toward the betterment of the resources we offer to the individuals that we are providing our assistance to.

The mentorship aspect of our reentry programs for ex offenders is provided through community volunteers, peers, as well as directly through members of our organization. Our aim goal with mentorship is to provide the individuals we are working with a plan of action to work through problems with interpersonal skills as well as addictions.

Reentry programs for ex offenders provided by The Rock Found place an emphasis on helping individuals find employment as well. Landing a job helps individuals begin to rebuild their lives and once again contribute to their families as well as take care of any financial responsibilities that they had prior to incarceration.

The Rock Found helps individuals find employment and aids them in helping further develop prosocial skills. We have found that when ex-offenders have their time properly structured with employment and are able to help contribute to and care for their families they are much more likely to develop their interpersonal relationship skills and avoid recidivism.

Our team at the Rock Found offers community reentry resources that will help with:

  • Finding Housing
  • Education & Mentorship
  • Securing a Job
  • Improving Interpersonal Skills and Self-Esteem

We can help tackle the United States’ problem with criminal recidivation by looking to an example of a country who is handling their prison system more proficiently. Norway has developed a prison system that has helped the nation reach some of the lowest recidivism rates in the world.

Norway provides a rehabilitation centered approach to their prison system while their recidivism rate is about half of where the United States stands and their incarceration rates are nearly ten times lower than our country’s.

Contact The Rock Found today with any questions regarding our reentry programs for ex offenders. We look forward to working with you.