The Rock Found is one of 33 WAGEES partners in Colorado

While each of the WAGEES partners are unique our focus is supporting those struggling with the aftermath of incarceration, addiction, and or homelessness. From finding a job and housing to mentorship and guidance these programs help reduce recidivism rates in Colorado. Faith-based programs, in particular, have provided hope and the opportunity for a better life.

At the forefront of these faith-based programs is a successful community reentry program in Colorado. The Rock Found is composed of a passionate group of individuals whose goal is to ensure that no one is left behind.

Support In Unsure Times

The time immediately following release from incarceration can be a frightening and unsure one. Without the proper support, the recently released could fall through the cracks and become reincarcerated.

At The Rock Found, we utilize a variety of community reentry and reintegration resources that help every one of our members grow as individuals. Our faith-based approach uses a different variety of programs that support recently released individual achieve their personal goals bettering them and the community at large.

We offer our members the opportunity to:

  • Utilize peer mentorship that helps each other grow and develop.
  • Learn how therapy can lead to long-term success and happiness.
  • Be introduced to faith-based teachings and ministry.
  • Gain fulfilling employment and learn a trade skill
  • Find housing and secure a permanent shelter from the streets

The Rock Found believes in restorative justice which grants individuals the opportunity to make amends for their past mistakes. This belief compels us forward to help individuals seeking community reentry programs in every way we can.

Through the strength of faith, we provide our members with the opportunity to learn a trade and find meaningful employment in the community. We can also help our members secure safe housing.

We are based in Greeley, Colorado and are partnered with local businesses that help employ our members. Contact The Rock Found today to learn how we can help you or your loved one after release from incarceration.

Where there is faith there is hope…