Winning the hearts, minds, and loyalty of their children

As we close out the 2023 year I'm inviting you to join me for my last POM Training.

Normally, I prefer to travel in person to the site for the three-day training. However, I decided for this last training to open it up in an effort to reach more and train more POM Mentors.

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The Need For More Parent Mentors Remains Urgent!

We are at an historic time in our nation for a variety of issues: Rising prices, open border and mass immigration, looting, crime and violence in broad daylight, not to mention war in the Ukraine and Israel, etc. All important issues. Nevertheless, I still contend that the health and strength of families continues to be of the utmost importance as it relates to long-term solutions to the ills of modern society.

Most recently I have been focused on the issues regarding schools, students, and parents. I won't take the time here to spell out all the issues...But...

The main thing that bothers me is the secrecy, disempowerment, and betrayal of parents that is growing amongst public education. Parents are not being informed or even allowed to have a say in their child's education or consulted about life changing decisions their children are considering without the consent of their parents. Here is just one example:

"Madness is a strong word, but the more I learn about what our children are being taught, and when, the more I stand by that choice. Parents, have you heard what our kids are being told? Have you seen what’s being put in front of them? I thought it was illegal to make indecent material available to minors…I suggest you explore the material sex educators have created for kids…Do you want instructors, whose personal values might be at odds with yours, to encourage your kids to question what they’ve been taught at home and in church…Wake up America: This is one giant hoax…Make no mistake: this is a battle, and the battleground is our kids’ minds and values.” – Miriam Grossman, M.D., You’re Teaching My Child What? – A Physician Expose the Lies of Sex Education and How They Harm your Child.

The explicit undermining of parent authority that is going on in many public schools today it’s almost too much to believe. The fact that there are actual elected school board members, teachers, and in some case judges, impeding on the right of parents to be involved in the education of their children and what their children are being taught is astounding to me.

Encouraged to Keep Secrets From Parents

One of the newer, and worst policies, is this idea being fed to children that they should keep secrets from their parents about life changing issues they are dealing with. The excuse and rationale from the school is that this is being done for the sake of the child to protect them from the harm that will come if their parents are told about their personal struggles with something as important as gender identity. What an insult. The audacity for the school to think they know better than a child’s parent about what to do and how to handle such a major and life changing issue.

Many, if not most parents, are not aware of what is taking place in school with the hearts, minds, and loyalties of their children from a moral values and worldview perspective.

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We witnessed this during the COVID-19 pandemic when schools were shut down and children were attending school via ZOOM. This led to parents at home who began to overhear what teachers were saying and teaching that resulted in the parent protests at school board meetings. Parents were unaware and expressed outrage and disapproval with subject matter parents felt inappropriate for elementary school children.

Sex and Gender Change

The issues of sex education and gender identity are front and center as we are all hearing and seeing. To say these are important issues is an understatement. These subjects and realities are loaded with all kinds of opinions and moral questions that parents do not want their children discussing in the schoolhouse. Parents have not given their consent for teachers, counselors, or other "social specialists" to teach or discuss these adult topics and inculcate the minds of their children with a point of view that they may not agree with.

To think that children need parental consent to receive an aspirin from a school nurse or to go on a field trip with their teacher and classmates, but need no parental consent to discuss sex, abortion, and gender identity is the height of hypocrisy and an ethical violation of parental authority and rights.

I could go on...but you get my point.

Parent Mentors Needed

As you know, the main purpose of Parents on a Mission is to build, o