Transitional Housing 

Transitional Housing for Ex Offenders and Prisoner Reentry Programs by the Rock Found were developed to help those in need gain a stable environment. Having a viable housing arrangement along with learning dependable skillsets that will provide stability for the long-term situation. The Rock Found Transitional Housing and Prisoner Reentry Programs are long-term solutions that have been proven to reduce recidivism while protecting the community.

The Rock Found is a faith-based nonprofit which provides Prison Ministry & Prisoner Reentry Programs that actually WORK. We have partnered and developed a close relationship with Raised In A Barn Furniture & CSK’s Grill. Our main goal is the support of individual persons with the necessary skills to gain immediate financial standing and well-being that will help them prosper in life.

Services include help in finding employment, finding housing, assistance with achieving a GED or industry-recognized credentials and increasing the rate at which participants enter post-secondary education and training. We also provide activities to increase ProSocial skills and Self Esteem. Each participant has a case manager who assists in developing an Individual Service Plan complete with goals and new goals are added as goals are accomplished. Individuals who present unique challenges may be given a more involved case plan.

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Two of the programs participating in the workforce training for immediate employment and workforce training are Raised in a Barn Furniture and CSK’s Grill. Their commitment and dedication for providing help with Transitional Housing for Ex Offenders are unparalleled and purely comes from the bottom of their hearts. Having an undeniable passion for providing Transitional Housing for Ex Offenders lets those in need rest assured that having reliable shelter is something they will never have to worry about.

Raised in a Barn Furniture and CSK’s grill provide an all-around dedication to providing a valuable skill set that can be used to gain employment throughout one’s lifetime. Raised in a Barn furniture teaches a trade that is one of the most valued and was the same one Jesus Christ performed. Carpentry jobs are all around whether building houses or furniture, it is a skill that will provide steady work. Having established income in addition to Transitional Housing for Ex Offenders keeps the ex-inmate levelheaded and much less likely to make any erratic decisions. Teaching and learning how to make Handmade Rustic Furniture is a noble endeavor that is rewarding to all parties involved.

CSK’s Grill is an award-winning catering and BBQ food truck operating all over Colorado. Providing Greeley Catering and the best BBQ Greeley Co, CSK’s Grill teaches many different skills tied to the food industry. Planning for catering events is a responsible task that allows those participating in the Prisoner Reentry Programs a valuable lesson. The preparation for creating the BBQ and then smoking it for hours shows that patience pays and there are no shortcuts when doing something right.

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