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Partnership with Women to Women

Thank you for making women’s lives better in Weld County!

The Rock Found would like to acknowledge a respected Foundation in the Greeley community that chose our program to receive a grant specifically to help women. We are grateful to announce our acceptance of a $4,000 grant from:

“The Women’s Fund of Weld County, Inc. a component fund of the Weld Community Foundation.” Who are;” Funding and finding ways for women and girls to become self-confident, independent, contributing members of the community.”

The purpose for the grant was to fund a project for the women coming out of prison, to address internal barriers getting and retaining employment.

The project is called: “Needs, Wants & Desires” it is an employment preparation re-entry curriculum for the women that will address the internal struggles that prevent them from being successful in obtaining and maintaining employment. The outcome has been that half of the projected number of women served have gone through the curriculum and obtained employment. The bonus part of this project is the women earn points by completing sections of the curriculum. The points then turn into money toward rent as well as other items that are desired in their journey to success.

The Rock Found appreciates “The Women’s Fund of Weld County” (https://www.weldwomensfund.org/) for funding this new and successful project. We have been able to help motivate and empower women on parole become successful in their employment and career path. Thank you for making women’s lives better in Weld County, The Rock Staff!