Reintegration Programs

The Rock Found is a faith-based and non-profit organization in Greeley Colorado offering caring and effective prisoner reintegration programs. The time right after incarceration can be one of the most difficult points for individuals attempting to normalize and get back into the swing of everyday life.

The objective of The Rock Found is to assist recently released inmates in finding employment, securing immediate housing, and general mentoring for these individuals. Our efforts are focused on the betterment of our community through the aid of individuals who want to be a positive contribution but are in need of a helping hand.

Our prisoner reintegration programs help recently released individuals obtain jobs and remain active in the workforce. Securing employment allows individuals to begin helping their families financially once more.

This helps promote and support repose and higher self-esteem as well as closer and more positive family relationships. All these factors are important to the improved mental health of individuals and to encourage them to continue healthy and productive behaviors.

The Rock Found also provides prisoner reintegration programs for housing for ex-offenders who are facing the challenge of finding shelter following their release. This is one of the most common and daunting problems that recently released inmates face.

We understand the importance of having a structured environment during times of rehabilitation. Our housing prisoner reintegration programs allow the individuals we are helping in having a safe positive location to call home while they work to re-establish themselves with peace of mind.

Our empathetic and committed team at The Rock Found understands that the most effective prisoner reintegration programs have a collection of tactics that work in cohesion with one another.

We work with individuals intently during their first month after release in order to better understand their situation, get to know them more personally, and make an accurate assessment of their specific needs. We take all these factors into consideration so that we can help the individuals we are working with set realistic yet proactive short and long-term goals.

We take pride in the success of our prisoner reintegration programs and are continuously working to help people properly re-enter the workforce comfortably to help better their current situation. We believe that anyone that is looking to improve their lives deserves a second chance in doing so.

We offer the individuals that we work with:

  • Mentorship & Peer Support
  • Skill Assessment & Education Opportunities
  • Transitional Housing
  • Resume Aid & Construction

Help for Finding Employment

We have made it our mission to help mitigate our country’s problem of recidivism through the positive rehabilitation of ex-offenders. We work to eliminate unhealthy beliefs associated with criminal activity and encourage growth and the development of interpersonal relationships.

We understand that placing an individual in a new job isn’t the only factor in the determination of their success. For many individuals getting back into the swing of everyday life can be far more challenging than some people can understand.

We work to help ex-offenders find motivation purpose and understand the self-worth and power that they have to be a positive influence in their community. Contact us today if you have any questions regarding our prisoner reintegration programs.