Ex Offender Housing Programs

At that very instance when any ex-offender gets off the bus in your surrounding area and community, a daunting task is directly staring them down – where can I find the safest place to stay that night. The Rock Found offers Ex Offender Housing Programs that are compassionate and actually work.

When it comes to a majority of ex offenders, many of them won’t have a family awaiting their arrival. In most instances, families and close friends might have passed away, relocated, or plain and simple made it absolutely clear the ex-offender is not going to be welcome. Also can be legal reasons associated with why the ex-offend cannot go home. Ex Offender Housing Programs are available no matter your race, creed or affiliations.

The end result that we see at The Rock Found is that ex offenders will often times end up in homeless shelters or camps. These types of situations are far better than sleeping on the streets or outdoors, the only caveat is that the beds and sleeping arrangements are generally available at nighttime only. When the daytime comes around the shelter residents are again homeless and forced to flock onto the streets, lugging whatever few belongings they have with them. During this roaming time is when ex offenders find idle time and trouble. Our ex offender housing programs are designed to utilize every minute of their day. Having a structured environment is key to staying out of trouble.

The Rock Found offers robust workforce training programs through two different companies. CSK’s Grill & Raised in a Barn Furniture have partnered with The Rock Found to provide stability. They have tailored and developed a proven recipe for providing long term employment no matter where you are located. Having a safe place to stay at night is the first step for any ex offender housing program. When an ex offender is released they are given a small stipend that barely pays bus fare. How are they expected to pay rent and have furniture, let alone basic household items like toilet paper and toothpaste. At The Rock Found our main desire is to help with Ex Offender Housing Programs and workforce training plus employment.

Here’s how to get started…

Do your research. Contact churches, Christian organizations, nonprofit groups, and local government agencies that assist ex-prisoners. Gather information about all the possible housing options available in your area for newly-released prisoners, including homeless shelters, half-way houses, and low-cost rentals.

Verify your resources. Call each housing option to verify the information you’ve received. Gather additional details about rules and requirements making notes on the pros/cons of each housing possibility.

Organize your information. Set up a database or filing system to hold all the information you’ve gathered about potential housing for ex-prisoners.

Identify the top picks. Go through your files and identify the ones that seem to offer the best housing solutions. Make appointments for an on-site visit or tour of each facility to determine if the place should be recommended to others.

Establish working relationships. Get to know the decision makers at the housing locations you plan to recommend for ex-prisoners. Ask how you can make things easier for them when you send them a “client.” Add these notes to your files.

After investing the time doing this research, you’ll be ready to help the ex-prisoners your church or reentry team sends to you for housing assistance. At that point, your main tasks will be to:

  • Interview the newly-released prisoner
  • Assess his/her housing needs or requirements
  • Provide accurate information about housing resources available in your area
  • Assist with the application process, if needed

Connect the person with resources to obtain household furnishings if needed

Make follow-up calls to see how the person is doing in their new home

Helping a returning prisoner find suitable housing will have a huge impact on whether he/she will successfully reenter the community as a law-abiding citizen or return to prison. Contact the Rock Found 970-352-9571 to learn more about reentry needs in your community and to connect with others involved in reentry ministry.