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Serving time and leaving incarceration are not easy feats, which is something reflected by the alarmingly high recidivism rate around the country. Community re-entry programs in Colorado offer help for prisoners after release to ensure that everyone has the support they deserve.

The Rock Found is one part of the most successful network of community reentry programs in Colorado. Our shared mission is to provide each of our members with help to find gainful employment, secure transitional housing, and reintegrate back into their local community.

Keep reading to find out more about the community reentry services we provide our members with ourselves or with the help of the Colorado reentry programs we partner with. If you wish to learn more about our successful efforts, contact our team today.

Community Re-entry Services

Whether it’s providing skills training and employment opportunities or finding housing for felons and ex-offenders, people that are recently released from incarceration deserve to be given a fair chance at restoring their lives. Community re-entry programs (sometimes called community reintegration programs) accomplish this goal by providing access to all the resources they need to succeed.

Our program provides the community re-entry services seen listed below.

  • Finding employment opportunities in a variety of fields.
  • Finding transitional housing endorsed by state probationary programs.
  • Providing GED assistance or help attaining other industry-recognized credentials.
  • Assisting in further post-secondary education and training opportunities.
  • Offering therapeutic programs and opportunities to increase prosocial skills and self-esteem.
  • Supporting discussion groups and peer mentorship programs.
  • Introduction to prison ministry and bible studies.
  • Helping with parole planning and probationary meetings.

Though we ourselves are a nonprofit organization, The Rock Found partners with a network of community re-entry programs in Colorado, some of which are financed by the state department. It is only with the collaborative help of the LCCL (Latino Coalition for Community Leadership) and funding from WAGEES (Work and Gain Education and Employment Skills) that, together, we are lowering the recidivism rate for our members.

In addition, other like-minded local businesses provide our members with employment opportunities in order to become experienced in the service and food industry or the woodworking and furniture industries. Our belief is that, together, we can all make a genuine difference in the lives of each and every one of the people that reach their hand out for help.

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