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People make mistakes. That is a simple fact of life. When paying for those mistakes entails spending time in incarceration, it’s crucial to find support once released. Programs for prisoners after release that offer community reentry services for help finding jobs, housing, and mentorship help to reduce the nationwide recidivism rate for these same individuals.

Whether it’s using resources to find jobs that hire felons, support group sessions, peer mentoring programs, or housing for ex-offenders; faith-based programs for prisoners after release are on the forefront of this venture and ready to help anyone in need. Situated amongst the most successful community reentry programs in Colorado is a faith-based program keen to provide a second chance to anyone who reaches out their hand. When it’s Colorado programs for prisoners after release you need, consider The Rock Found ready and waiting.

Colorado Reentry & Reintegration Resources

The passionate team of caring individuals that makes up The Rock Found has one goal in mind – make sure no man gets left behind. Like other programs for prisoners after release, we utilize Colorado reentry and reintegration resources to help each member that seeks our help achieve their personal grows. We offer members the chance to:

  • Find gainful employment and learn a skilled trade
  • Find housing assistance and secure permanent shelter
  • Become familiar with faith-based teachings through an introduction to ministry.
  • Discover how therapy can help lead to peace and happiness.
  • Use peer mentorship as a means to help strengthen each other and the community.
  • Gain access to other Colorado reentry resources to further their future.

Restorative justice means using the errors and mistakes of the past to amend and alter the direction of a person’s future. With the right support, the strength of faith, and access to Colorado reentry and reintegration services, we believe a person truly can change if they wish to. However, it all begins with a willingness to take these courageous steps to do so.

The Rock Found is part of a network of community reentry programs for prisoners after release. We are based in Greeley Colorado and help members from around the area in need of support once released from incarceration. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you or a loved one remain hopeful while becoming a productive member of the community.

Matthew 19:26 – “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”