Reentry Rehabilitation Services For Success

It’s important to find reentry rehabilitation services that provide help for prisoners after release in order to successfully reintegrate into the community. Community reentry programs offering reentry rehabilitation services help to reduce recidivism rates and give people their lives back.

Whether it was drug-related actions or other activities that result in incarceration, these individuals require much-needed assistance. From therapy exercises to transitional housing and employment opportunities, reentry rehabilitation services are helping to change lives each and every day.

The Rock Found is a Colorado community reentry program that offers reentry rehabilitation services to our members. Our mission is to help support all of our members so that they can become a positive and constructive member of their community once again.

Many of our members have lived with the destructive impact caused by drug addiction, a disease responsible for causing endless pain and destruction. We offer them a variety of reentry rehabilitation services in order to give them hope, support, and ultimately a second chance at life.

Our Reentry Rehabilitation Services

We provide support and encouragement to our members in a few different ways. We believe that, by following a vision grounded in faith, anyone can find healing and restore the lives they lost.

The types of community reentry rehabilitation services we offer our members include:

  • Addiction recovery and rehabilitation programs that use the core ideas of faith-based, spiritual principles.
  • Training to learn new jobs skills to prepare for gainful employment in meaningful professions.
  • Transitional housing programs that are designed using a system that emphasizes accountability and support.
  • Peer-mentoring support systems to assist in developing interpersonal skills in order to build better, healthier relationships.
  • GED obtainment assistance and services to encourage further secondary education opportunities.

The Rock Found is a faith-based 501(c)3 nonprofit that acts as a local partner to the Latino Coalition for Community Leadership. As such, we are able to be funded as community partners by the LCCL through the Work and Gain Education and Employment Skills Colorado community reentry program.

Our mission to help reduce recidivism in Colorado and make an impact on the lives of our members has allowed us to operate for over 6 years. Our hope is to continue to grow and greatly improve our overall reach so that we can help as many individuals as possible.

The Rock Found’s motto is “No more victims and no one is disposable.” If you need our support, please contact us and our members will be glad to provide whatever help we are able to give.

Psalm 118:5—“Out of my distress I called on the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free.”