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Prison reentry programs are an essential component in the rehabilitation of many recently released inmates. The Rock Found aim is to help the rate in which recidivism occurs within the United States.

Our team at The Rock Found has worked diligently in order to help create and offer individuals the tools necessary to help them successfully fall back into the normalities of everyday life. The truth of the matter is that approximately seventy percent of individuals who faced incarceration will find themselves behind bars again within five years of their release date.

Most criminal activity is recorded to be done under circumstances of desperation rather than desire. Many of the individuals who choose to commit crimes such as theft do so because of lack of food or money to pay for their basic necessities.

Once these individuals have been arrested it can become increasingly difficult for them to land a stable job or plan of action without falling back into negative habits. Some of the resources that we offer through our prison reentry programs at The Rock Found include:

  • Ministry Introduction
  • Securing Transitional Housing
  • Interpersonal Skill Development
  • Team Member & Peer Mentorship
  • Employment Training

Goal Setting Assistance

We can’t expect to stick people back into the same exact scenarios that were in prior to turning to crime as a survival solution without offering them new resources and expecting them to “figure it out.” Insanity can be described as the state of repeating an action with the expectation of new results.

Our team at The Rock Found resonates with this statement which is why we work to create an individualized strategy for effective community reentry. The prison reentry resources that we offer involve mentorship, transitional housing assistance, as well as help with securing employment.

When you turn to The The Rock Found for assistance through our prison reentry programs we will offer you all of the tools necessary to move from incarceration back to your community. Our mission is to reinstate hope for those who have begun to lose it.

We work with each of our clients, their case managers, and their treatment team in order to create the most effective game plan for their specific situations. Our team believes that ministry can have a very positive impact on the process of community reentry; which is why at The Rock Found we place efforts toward helping our clients experience spiritual growth while following our mentorship program.

If you have been looking for prison reentry programs that actually work then turn to the Rock Found for assistance. Our organization is based in the state of Colorado. We believe we can all play a role in helping our community and its residents grow toward a better tomorrow. Contact us with any questions regarding our prison reentry programs or services.