Weld County Reentry Programs

There is no denying the difficulty an inmate has when integrating back into society. The culture shock alone can be overwhelming, only more difficult the longer someone remains incarcerated. Whether the inmate is released on parole or once again free from the legal system, seeking out work is one of the first goals upon release. The Rock Found is one of the few faith-based prison release programs that has successfully learned to combine a new purpose in life while assimilating its members back into the modern world.

Understanding the unbelievably high percentage of prisoners that find themselves back in incarceration, we attempt to show those that seek us out a better way to live than the one that brought on these consequences. Through partnerships with parole offices and businesses, The Rock Found can coordinate a personalized plan to meet the ongoing needs of inmates looking into prison release programs.

The Rock Found is nonprofit faith-based 501(c)3. With an ongoing partnership with The Latino Coalition for Community Leadership (LCCL) we are both proud to serve communities as prison release programs.

Since we are able to receive funding from the LCCL through the Work and Gain Education and Employment Skills (WAGEES) prison release programs of Colorado House Bill 14-13555, our extensive services address each area an inmate might find himself struggling with up reentry into society. Mainly working with parole offices and their parolees that are classified as medium to high risk for backsliding into old habits, our program offers a plethora of services for our clients.

Whether the parolee desires to finish up obtaining a GED, wants to learn new life skills, is in need or certain types of therapy, or simply is looking into prison release programs in order to obtain gainful employment, The Rock Found can provide him the proper advice and guidance to accomplish the task.

Below is a list of some services that prison release programs such as The Rock Found commonly offer:

  • Education and Mentorship
  • Housing Assistance for Parolees and Felons
  • Monitoring and Assistance for Sexual Offenders
  • Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)
  • Employment Assistance

Our goal at The Rock Found is to emphasize helping the individual, treating him like the human being with a growing potential and gifts we have witnessed our clients to be. Understanding the ongoing problem we as a country face with criminal recidivism, we are offering our own spiritually guided solution among prison release programs to make a positive impact in an individual’s life and in the world alike.

Founding and operating two small businesses of our own (Raised In A Barn and CSK’s Grill) permits us to employ some of these men ourselves and increase our funding to put back into The Rock Found, as well as give back to our community.

Visit our website at The Rock Found for additional information on our community reentry services and Contact Us with any questions or comments regarding interest in our reentry program. No one deserves to be alone or battle alone, and we at The Rock Found stand firm for you to lean on us until you get all the way back on your feet.