Programs for Released Inmates

The Rock Found offers professionally organized re-entry programs for released prisoners in Greeley Colorado. We work to simplify the process of re-establishment as much as possible for ex-offenders.

At the Rock Found, we believe in extending a helping hand to those that are seeking out assistance. When an individual is seeking out resources for self-improvement it can be much more motivating to follow through with those efforts if they feel a solid support system behind them.

The Rock Found attempts to provide all the necessary tools and resources to minimize the chance of recidivism. We offer re-entry programs for released prisoners that actually work. At the Rock Found, you will receive community and peer mentorship, skill assessment and development, employment opportunity assistance, transitional housing, and much more.

We are a faith-based non-profit organization offering well-organized and highly effective programs for released prisoners. Our team believes in the idea of giving back to the community that you reside in the best way you can.

At the Rock Found, we understand the various challenges that individuals may be facing directly following their prison release and have the necessary experience helping resolve these challenges.

The Rock Found continuously puts our best efforts toward the development and improvement of our programs for released prisoners in order. This helps ensure that the individuals that turn to us for assistance are receiving well planned and caring help when they need it most.

We work with ex-offenders to help them become accustomed to the normalities of everyday life once more. For many prisoners who have faced years of incarceration the process of community reintegration may feel somewhat daunting and draining, but our team at the Rock Found has seen for ourselves how effective programs for released prisoners can be.

Work with The Rock Found to receive help with:

  • Transitional housing
  • Securing employment
  • Rehabilitation

By helping ex-offenders secure employment we are providing them with a tool to stand on their feet. Employment allows individuals to help contribute financially to the lives of their families once more which in turn begins a process of mending possibly damaged relationships.

The Rock Found can provide you with job training and interpersonal skill development as part of our employment programs for released prisoners. Secure employment helps individuals feel better about their situation and promotes healthy self-esteem.

The Rock Found assist individuals reach a state of self-support while guiding them to a situation that that will contribute to improved mental health and a positive outlook. The Rock Found is proud to play our role in helping individuals in our community reach a better overall quality of life.

We run successful re-entry programs for released prisoners that focus on providing positive rehabilitation resources. If you have been looking for caring providers of successful re-entry programs for released prisoners turn to our non-profit organization for assistance.

The Rock Found runs one of the most successful re-entry programs for released prisoners in Colorado and wants to help you. Contact us today with any questions regarding our programs for released prisoners including how to get involved.