Attention Case Managers!

An ideal plan and process for individuals you are working with, would be as followed:

  • Individual will need to sign a Release of Information for The Rock Found in order to gain as much information about the individual as possible.
  • Individual has completed treatment.
  • Individual has Identification card and Social Security Card.
  • Individual would have several employment leads, contacts and willing and able to work.

We do not accept anyone that is planning or applying for disability, or not able to work for any reason including temporary medical or mental health issues.

  • Individual needs to apply for Intervention Community Correction Services in Greeley, Colorado for an address.
  • Individual will be staffed with Greeley Parole and The Rock Found to decide whether a referral for the COP bed will be submitted.
  • A collaborative effort with Greeley Parole Office, The Rock Found, ICCS and any Facility Staff will be in effect to best assist individual with the release and placement for each individual.

As we know that there is not a guarantee or streamline plan that works for everyone but would like to know that the above plan is exhausted until we can look for other options.