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Authentic Manhood

You are invited to join our Men's Group!

See our calendar for dates and time here.

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COED Life Group, come one come all!

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Women's Bible Study, join us!


Parents on a Mission

Become the loving, respected leader your kids need.

Check out the latest from Founder & CEO of Parents On A Mission, Richard R. Ramos below. Richard has provided training and materials to The Rock Found so that we can also share in his vision!

Classes available upon request.

Watch his video Here.


Case Management:

Our Case Managers provides direct services to clients through regular case management meetings. Client’s needs, situations, personal strengths, and support networks are assessed to determine their goals. Plans are developed to increase clients’ well-being, productivity, and stability. We help clients navigate the challenges that come with having a criminal background: possible homelessness, unemployment, employment, and housing discrimination, domestic abuse, recovery, family issues, parole/probation issues, and legal difficulties. We research and refer clients to community resources, such as public benefits, healthcare, mental health services, support groups, etc.

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Employment Workshop

Assistance with resumes, employment leads, and apply for jobs online!

See our calendar for dates and time here.


Transitional Housing Programs

The Rock Found offers transitional house in the community when folks are released on parole. We are here to support the participants needs for housing, employment, education, transportation and many other much needed resources.

While in the transitional houses individuals pay rent, build community, and find employment security. There they can save money and focus building a successful future in the community.

The Rock Found encourages and offers assistance with a first time home buyers program, credit repair and loan assistance to help in purchasing a home of their own!


Food Pantry

Given the size of Weld County, coming directly to the Weld Food Bank warehouse can be difficult for many. Through nonprofit agency partners like us and Weld Food Bank's Mobile Food Pantry, they have made emergency food more accessible throughout the county.

Please, if you are in need of food assistance, we ask that you first call us for current distribution days and times.

Mobile Food Pantry distributions are subject to change or cancellation due to unsafe weather conditions.

Visit to find more mobile food and information near you.

Individual Services

1:1 sessions

Custom-designed to address issues such as life skills and assistance with achieving personal goals. Pre-scheduled individual sessions are available!


Wants, Needs & Desire Classes

Life Coaching


Moral Reconation Therapy is a systematic, cognitive-behavioral, step-by-step treatment strategy designed to enhance self-image, promote the growth of a positive, productive identity, and facilitate the development of higher stages of moral reasoning.


Meet with our expert in reducing anxiety, depression and trauma.

Holistic Health Coaching:

Having health issues or just want to do something preventative before it’s too late? Meet with our health coach and learn what is necessary to bring everything into balance!

Faith focused: Soul Care

SOZO is helpful in getting to the root things that hinder your personal connection with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Pre-scheduled individual sessions are available!

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