1. Soul Care

    Soul Care explores seven principles that can lead to lasting transformation and freedom for all who struggle with a broken, damaged, and sin-stained soul. The Rock Found offers clients the opportunity to do Soul Care as part of their restoration. Brokenness grasps for the soul of humanity. We are b…Read More

  2. Coat Drive!

    The Rock Found is partnering with Room for Hope in their October coat drive.  All donations will be delivered to the local half-way house, ICCS on October 16.  If you would like to donate to this drive, please drop coats off at The Rock Found on or before October 15.…Read More

  3. Community Entry Services

    Through a compassionate and comprehensive approach, community entry services strengthen the bonds of the community by helping those most in need in our society. By supporting those who have paid their dues to society, community reentry programs help change the lives of individuals recently released …Read More

  4. Reentry Plan

    People sometimes make bad decisions that can result in time spent in prison. This does not, however, mean there is no hope for turning their life around. A key factor in transitioning from release from incarceration and successfully integrating back into society is developing a reentry plan. A succe…Read More

  5. A Better Future With Programs For Released Inmates

    Everyone makes mistakes throughout life. Fortunately, there are programs for released inmates that can ensure those mistakes do not come to define you after you have served your time to society. It is important for you to find the right community reentry programs that offer services to get you back …Read More

  6. Reentry Rehabilitation Services For Success

    It’s important to find reentry rehabilitation services that provide help for prisoners after release in order to successfully reintegrate into the community. Community reentry programs offering reentry rehabilitation services help to reduce recidivism rates and give people their lives back. Whethe…Read More

  7. Community Reentry Program

    A community reentry program in Colorado is fighting every day to help lower the nationwide recidivism rate by giving opportunities to individuals that need support the most. The Rock Found, a Colorado faith-based male community reentry program that works, provides necessary community reentry resourc…Read More

  8. Steps To Take For Keeping Your Freedom

    Recidivism programs are committed to providing help for prisoners after release in various forms of community reentry services. Compassion and forgiveness are at the heart of most recidivism programs, including faith-based organizations who offer the support these individuals need after being releas…Read More

  9. Community Reentry Programs In Colorado

    All of us make mistakes and when paying for those mistakes means incarceration a community reentry program can help you get back on the right path. Support is crucial following release from incarceration. From finding a job and housing to mentorship and guidance these programs help reduce recidivism…Read More