1. Transitional Housing Programs

    The process of being incarcerated is difficult and leaving prison can be just as trying, particularly for any inmate or ex-offender with a record. Coming out of incarceration as a Felon after serving a lengthy sentence has many hard obstacles that must be overcome. Two of the most glaring situations…Read More

  2. Prisoner Reentry Programs

    The Rock Found is a Greeley CO, non-profit organization developed in efforts to give back to the community as a prisoner reentry program and partner to other organizations with the same goal to give back. Recidivism is a major problem in the United States with a 2014 National Institute of Justice re…Read More

  3. Reentry Programs for Prisoners

    The Rock Found provides caring and involved reentry programs for prisoners that help rehabilitate our clients while providing valuable job and housing opportunities. Upon release, many ex-offenders that have faced incarceration for multiple years of their lives are left to deal with the challenge of…Read More

  4. Community Reentry Program

    Why is there a need for a community reentry program like The Rock Found? Did you know that over 70% of prisoners that are released end up being re-incarcerated within 5 years? Why does this happen? Well, to really understand what’s going on you have to look at the reason that someone commits a cri…Read More

  5. Prisoner Reintegration Programs

    The Rock Found is a faith-based and non-profit organization in Greeley Colorado offering caring and effective prisoner reintegration programs. The time right after incarceration can be one of the most difficult points for individuals attempting to normalize and get back into the swing of everyday li…Read More

  6. Programs for Released Prisoners

    The Rock Found offers professionally organized re-entry programs for released prisoners in Greeley Colorado. We work to simplify the process of re-establishment as much as possible for ex-offenders. At the Rock Found, we believe in extending a helping hand to those that are seeking out assistance. W…Read More

  7. Reentry Programs For Ex Offenders

    The Rock Found is a non-profit and faith-based organization launched by Cheryl Cook. The company works in partnership with the Latino Coalition for community leadership. The Rock Found serves to provide reentry programs for ex offenders in an organized effort to reduce the amount of recidivism that …Read More

  8. Help For Released Prisoners

    Our society has an unfortunate tendency of not forgetting people’s past. Too many people judge a book by it’s cover, many times not allowing people who made a simple mistake one time the ability to move one and fix their lives. The Rock Found offers the opportunity to exactly these people. We be…Read More

  9. Prison Reentry Programs

    Prison reentry programs are an essential component in the rehabilitation of many recently released inmates. The Rock Found aim is to help the rate in which recidivism occurs within the United States. Our team at The Rock Found has worked diligently in order to help create and offer individuals the t…Read More

  10. Prison Release Programs

    There is no denying the difficulty an inmate has when integrating back into society. The culture shock alone can be overwhelming, only more difficult the longer someone remains incarcerated. Whether the inmate is released on parole or once again free from the legal system, seeking out work is one of…Read More